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May 2017 Dinner Recap E-mail
Written by Steve Wright   

Chris Benson

Chris Benson pulls back the curtain on Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence!

Chris Benson, founder of the Atlanta Deep Learning Meetup and Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Product Strategist, revealed what goes on behind the scenes in the AI / ML space at AITP Atlanta's May dinner meeting. Chris' passion for this topic is part of his DNA, as he was inspired by his father, Whit Benson, who had the researched and applied bleeding-edge machine learning ideas to avionics as a veteran Lockheed Martin engineer.

How They RelateWe have all heard the discussions around Artificial Intelligence as well as Machine learning but what isn't always discussed, is the relation between the two. At the core of both, lies Deep Learning. You can think of deep learning, machine learning and artificial intelligence as a set of Russian dolls nested within each other, beginning with the smallest and working out. Deep learning is a subset of machine learning, which is a subset of AI. Chris explained that Deep Learning is an approach to Machine Learning that has drawn heavily on our knowledge of the human brain, statistics and applied math.

Tensor Flow

As some people view AI and Machine learning as Science Fiction - make no mistake - this is present day fact with companies like Microsoft, IBM, Google, Facebook, Amazon, just to name few, getting into the game and making substantial investments in the space. This technology isn't just relevant to the tech giants we're all familiar with. In order to stay relevant and competitive, organizations of all sizes need to be looking at these solutions to get meaningful, quantifiable results from the mountains of data they are currently collecting!

For more on this fascinating topic, please join Chris at his next Atlanta Deep Learning Meetup, where he continues to deliver phenomenal thought leaders in this space!

AITP MugAITP has consistently delivered a great experience to our members and guests, who continue to come for the networking, and topics discussions lead by some of Atlanta's brightest technologist. These meetings would not be possible if not for the efforts of the 2017 Board of Directors, who were officially announced at the beginning of the meeting. This is a shout-out to the team who tirelessly volunteer their time to make all of this possible (pictured below from left to right): Julian Wade, Chair Emeritus; Georgette Fraser-Moore, President; Steven Wright, Vice President & Programs Chair; Kristi Mobley, Secretary & Membership Chair; Frank Raimondo, Treasurer; Tony Orlando, Communications; Allen Toole, Co-Chair, Student Liaison; Harper (Lisa) Bronson, Co-Chair, Student Liaison (not pictured)


2017 Atlanta Chapter Board


It is an honor and a privilege to work with such dedicated professionals, and look forward to continuing to our work to deliver relevant speakers, and foster the "safe harbor" environment for all who enjoy what AITP has to offer.

We hope to see you at our June meeting, where we'll be holding our 4th annual Women's Technology Leadership forum - a favorite among our guests and members! This year, we are proud to have Nancy Hammervik, Executive Vice President from CompTIA moderating. As you know, AITP and CompTIA have merged, and it will be a great opportunity to have Nancy lead the discussion, and share more about CompTIA!

Come and join the conversation! We look forward to seeing at the June meeting!

Best - Steve


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