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Written by George Orlin   

 2019 AITP Women Leaders in Technology (WLiT) Forum

2019 WiLiT Panel


On stage sat four influential technology executives, each serving in a different industry, in slightly different roles, and encountering unique challenges. These executives are collectively responsible for millions of dollars of innovative investment and business strategy. Their decisions impact the lives and jobs of countless developers, designers, testers, analysts, and other IT professionals. Beyond being leaders in technology, what do these four have in common?

They are women.

The 2019 AITP Women Leaders in Technology (WLiT) forum provided an enlightening perspective into the careers and mindsets of these four panelists through an interactive discussion about technology, Atlanta, and the role of women in STEM fields. Moderated by Cynthia Curry, IoT Smart Cities Ecosystem Expansion Director for the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, the questions posed to the panel encouraged real-time feedback from the audience as the night progressed. On-screen data visualizations representing the audience’s option of certain issues accompanied the panel discussion, curating a unique perspective of each topic.

The 2019 WLiT panelists included:

•    Janet Pierce, Vice President Product Development at PrimeRevenue
•    Diane Walker, Senior Director at Equifax
•    Rachel Stuve, Managing Director at Golden Seeds

Following an hour of group networking and a gourmet banquet dinner, the evening produced a clearer picture of the true grit, talent, and community spirit that these four panelists share.

One of the most notable answered provided in unison by the group was in response to the question: “What is one factor that most contributed to getting you where you are today in your career”? The consensus was “the presence of a champion, someone that provided them with a platform to prove themselves and to grow professionally.

Another interesting answer was shared after the question: “What advice would you give to yourself 20 years ago?”. The response was “take more risks, as risks are a critical step to achievement”.

In summary, the 2019 AITP Women Leaders in Technology (WLiT) forum shared a powerful reminder to those in the Atlanta technology industry: The STEM fields are evolving, and women are going to be a big part of the future.

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